Welcome to Chuzhou CBEC Industrial Park Founded in June, 1992, Chuzhou Economy and Technology Development Zone represents a state-level development zone and a provincial high and new technology development zone. With a planned area of 80 square kilometers and a floor area of 45 square kilometers, the zone has seen the booming of industries like home appliance electronics, vehicle machinery, green food, new energy, new materials and high-end equipment manufacturing. Thanks to its surging innovative capabilities in recent years, the zone has witnessed the settlement of famous Chinese brands like CQC and China Household Electric Appliances Research Institute.

The zone was rated by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture as the National Demonstration Base for New Types of industries and the Demonstration Base for Agricultural Industrialization. What's more, it was among the first parks that won the title of Innovative Park conferred by Anhui province.

Pillar Industries of Chuzhou Industrial Park

Chuzhou city is vigorously developing modern industrial system with focus on boosting smart home appliances, state-of-the-art equipment, new types of petrochemicals, new energy, silica-based materials, deep processing of subsidiary agricultural products. Vigorous efforts have also been made in fueling the development of cultural tourism and modern services.