How to Paste Wall Stickers?

2018-03-26 10:15:19

Decorative wall decor stickers are a great and easy way to make your space feeling beautiful and bright up in short time. While, how to paste wall stickers?


vinyl wall stickers

1. Select a space. 

Find the suitable space. Look for any smooth walls that could use some decoration. Take notes on details of the space that you are planning on using.

1) Measuring the sizes of this space.

2) Take notes of existing decorations and colors.


2. Look for suitable wall decals. 

It’s better to find removable wall decals that are suitable for your room. Measuring the sizes of the space and taking notes.

1) Firstly, considering what shape and design will be better with this space.

2) Secondly, you can find suitable sizes and colors you like to work well together.

3) Thirdly, select the best one that you will enjoy!


3. Clean the surface. 

Before sticking, you should clean the space surface. Make sure the wall is dry. It’s better to adhere to vinyl wall stickers properly.  


4. Adjust and fix the placement. 

Re-check and fix the placement before adhere the room stickers. Ensure that it will be ok for the space you choose.

1) Leave the paper backing on and temporarily tape it on the wall, then write down the right space.

2) Make some adjustments until it looks good.

3) Use the ruler and pencil to fix the space.

4) Draw a light line on the wall, along with the edge.


5. Place the decals. 

Stick the art decals as close as the marks you made.

1) Remove the transfer film.

2) Take care to stick the removable wall art decals to the space.


6. Finalize the application. 

Using a towel to smooth the surface and remove any air bubbles that may be present.

1) Work from the middle and move outwards.

2) Push air bubbles to make sure it is flat.

3) The beautiful wall stickers are fixed well now. 

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